The Bradbury Scrapbook

For Mrs. Senner's Class | Due on 5.16.00 | Vadim Gordin

 Welcome to my humble English Project online. My name is Vadim Gordin (lets keep that a secret so none of those internet people find out) And I am a sophomore at Ocean Twp. High School. My teacher has presented me with a chance to tell the class about Ray bradbury in any way I see fit. So I figured why not use the internet and its range of media formats as my canvas. This report centers around a VRML world I call "the fair". It is filled with the information on which this report is based.You can guide yourself through this world with the help of the master map. Feel free to use this as a research tool, just cite me in your bibliography and tell a friend about this site.


Here is something special: Selected Quotations and a Bibiography!!

 The Fair


 Biographical FactSheet

 Literary Factsheet

 Bradbury's Birth Certificate

 Diary Entries

 Newspaper Articles

 Advice to young people who want to be successful authors

Epitaph and Obituary