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Born: November 25, 1887 in Moscow, Russia to a merchant

Died: January 26, 1942 in a prison camp.
Never married or had children

 Vavilov's Office in the VIR
Achievments: Institutions Named After Vavilov:
  • Wrote the Theory of Homologous Series and Variation
  • Wrote the Theory of Origins for Cultivated Plants
  • Organized one of the largest seed collection in the world
  • Discovered Origin Centers around the world for most plant species
  • Was nominated by his coworkers for the Stalin Prize after being arrested.
  • Russian Society of Geneticists and Breeders
  • Institute for General Genetics of the Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Plant Industry
  • Saratov Agricultural Institute
Expeditions:    Positions Held:
  • 1916: Iran, Pamir
  • 1921: Canada, USA
  • 1924: Afghanistan
  • 1925: Khoresm
  • 1926-1927: Mediteranean countries, Abyssinia, Eritrea, and Yemen
  • 1927: Bavaria, Germany
  • 1929: China, Japan, Korea
  • 1930: USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras
  • 1932-1933: Canada, USA, Cuba, Mexico, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uraguay, Trinidad, Puerto Rico
  • 1921-1940: Systematic exporations of Soviet Union
  • 1917: Deputy Head of the Burea for Applied Botany
  • 1918: Professor of Saratov University
  • 1924: Head of St. Petersburg Institute for Applied Botany and New Crops (VIR since 1930)
  • 1930: First president of All Union Academy of Agriculture
  • 1930: Director of Institute for Genetics
  • 1931: President of Russian Geographic Society
  • 1938: President of International Cogress of Genetics (not allowed to attend conference by Soviet Government)