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Parts of the following are taken from a speech Vavilov gave in defense of genetics. The rest is a compilation of his quotes and events that shaped his research.


You have picked a wondrous profession. It will fill you with joy, happiness, and the ability to help those around you. You have also chosen a controversial profession. In this day and age many would strike down our profession as lunacy or acts against the state. But we shall go the pyre, we shall burn, but we shall not retreat from our convictions. I tell you, in all frankness, that I believed and still believe and insist on what I think is right ... This is a fact, and to retreat from it simply because some occupying high posts desire it is impossible. Until the powers of our nation come to terms with genetics as a science, we must do everything in our power to force them to do so. You can change the world, but to do so, must first make the Communists accept our science for what it is.