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Literary Factsheet


 Ray Bradbury has experienced most of the 20th century. If one attempts to understand which events influenced his writing a headache is all that will result. His first book (Dark Carnival) was published after the conclusion of WWII, so he was probably influenced by the social resentment towards armed conflict and rabid patriatism of the time. But the social and economic issues of the 60s no doubt led to his anti establishment and alienated tone of his writing in that period (gentle martians of The Martian Chronicles and the "evil society" of 451 Farenheit).

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   Dark Carnival (1947)
   Martian Chronicles (1950)
   Illustrated Man (1951)
   Farenheit 451 (1953)
   The Golden Apples of the Sun (1953)
  The October Country (1955)
   Switch on the Night (1955)
   Dandelion Wine (1957)
   Sun and Shadow (1957)
   A medicine for Melancholy
   Something Wicked this Way Comes (1962)
   R is for Rocket (1962)
   The Anthem Sprinters and other Antics (1963)
   The machineries of Joy (1964)
   The Pedestrian (1964)
   The Autumn People (1965)
   A Device out of Time (1965)
   The Vintage Bradbury (1965)
   The Day it Rained Forever: a comedy in one act (1966)
   S is for Space (1966)
   Tomorrow Midnight (1966)
   Twice 22 (1966)
   Creative Man among his Servant Machines (1967)
   I sing the Body Elecrtic (1969)
   Old Ahab's friend and friend to Noah, Speaks his piece (1971)
   The Halloween Tree (1972)
   Pillar of Fire: a Drama (1972)
   The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and other Plays (1972)
   Zen in the Art of Writing and the Joy of Writing (1973)
   That Son of Richard III (1974)
   Long after midnight (1976)
   That Ghost, that Bride of Time (1976)
   Where Robot mice and Robot Men Run 'Round in Robot Towns (1977)
   The God in Science Fiction (1978)
   The Munnies of Guanajuato (1978)
   Twin Hieroglyphs that Swim the River Dust (1978)
   Beyond 1984: Remebrance of things Future (1979)
  This Attic Where the Meadow Greens (1979)
   The Ghosts of Forever (1980)
   The Last Circus and the Electrocution (1980)
   Sories of Ray Bradbury (1980)
   The Complete Poems of Ray Bradbury (1981)
   The haunted Computer and the Android Pope (1981)
   Then is All Love? It is, It is! (1981)
   There is Life on Mars (1981)
   The Love Affair (1982)
   The Other Foot (1982)
   The Veldt (1982)
   Dinosaur Tales (1983)
   Forever and the Earth (1984)
   The Last Good Kiss (1984)
   A Memory of Murder (1984)
   Death is a Lonely Business (1984)
   The April Witch (1987)
   Death has Lost its Charm to Me (1987)
   Fever Dream (1987)
   The Fog Horn (1987)
   The Dragon (1988)
   Falling Upward (1988)
   The Toynbee Convector (1988)
   The Climate of Palettes (1989)
   A Graveyard for Lunatics (1990)
   Classic Stories Volume 1 (1990)
   Classic Stories Volume 2 (1990)
   Yestermorrow Obviou answers to impossible futures (1991)
   Green Shadows, White Whale (1992)
   The Stars (1993)
   Quicker than the Eye (1996)
   Driving Blind (1997)
   Dogs think that every day is Christmas (1997)
   With Cat for Comforter (1997)