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 Video Review

a wise man once said,
"If you have seen the movie, do not consider yourself having read the book."

Fahrenheit 451

Not too distant future, eutopic society

  • Montag: A fireman and literature lover
  • Linda: Montag's wife
  • Clarisse: Montag's neighbor and "girlfriend"

 In "Fahreniet 451", Ray Bradbury presents his audience with a world which has decided to eradicate its social problems by iradicating the books that "cause" them. The protagonist; Montag, is a fireman (a tool of that eradication). Montag is completely happy with this life until he meets one of his neighbors (Clarisse). Clarisse's questions and inquisitive mind lead Montag to begin taking books instead of burning them. In the end, Montag's wife turns him in to the firemen, he kills his captain, and runs away to live with the "book people"

 This film and book Fahrenhiet 451 depict the typical anti-sensorship views of the 1940s in which this book was written. It reflects a fear throughout America concering the spread of communism, which like the government in the movie made equality of the masses its most improtant goal.