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Epitaph and Obituary

 Writing an epitaph and obituary at this time (Bradbury is alive and writing) would be very bad luck so here is a summary of who Bradbury is and what he means to me. One of his fans.

Ray Bradbury is a great man. With a few words he can carry us light years away from earth to worlds we never though possible. But in that same breath he can pull us deap into the recesses of our souls and help us discover our darkest fears. The ideas and dreams of Ray Bradbury are immortal. And though The Martian Chronicles were set last year (1999), just as with Farenheit 451, the world still eagerly awaits the future which Ray Bradbury has seen for us. When we do get there, in 10, 100, or 1000 years, he will be there to guide our way.