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Journal Entries

 August 22, 1920: I was born today. I guess that makes today pretty eventful.
 October 12, 1926: Today we moved to Tuscon, but I have a feeling we will be back. I am learning to write pretty well, Faster than anyone in my class.
 May 15, 1927: Today we moved back to Waukegan. I knew we would
 January 2, 1931: I just complete my first story. I rolled up the butcher paper on which it was written, but it got thrown out 'cause mom thought it was scrap.
 April 1, 1934: Today we moved to Los Angeles. Somehow things here are different than in Illinois.
January 32, 1942: Today will be my last journal entry. Becasue I am giving up my as a newspaper distributer to write., I will have no time for a journal. I am currently engaged to Marurite. I am also happy to say that I have collected my short stories into my first book, Dark Carnival which is due out soon. Journal, you have been a good friend to my. Goodbye.